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Openfire 3.10.3 Released

The Ignite Realtime Community is pleased to announce the release of version 3.10.3 of Openfire. This release continues our effort to produce a stable 3.10 release series of Openfire while we work toward the next major release of Openfire. The release is available now for download from our website.

The Changelog for this release denotes 12 fixed Jira issues with thanks to contributions from @speedy , @Tom Evans , @CSH, @Guus der Kinderen, and @Dave Cridland.

Here are SHA-1 hashes for the download artifacts

10093d7d5af8e68a69544d1a647978f2523f88c7 openfire_3_10_3.dmg

ecc63d97173f6795759fe8bfab5974477d98d608 openfire_3_10_3.exe

8e5609b1d44cd1f6ede939f5219c70acd7d06e38 openfire_3_10_3.tar.gz

a1fd0d677453bedde3d7e8f90505c8436f8279ec openfire_3_10_3.zip

22cf5b6a62760d53bcd87d4b87f3c787cb5a57b7 openfire_src_3_10_3.tar.gz

5c6b303b46ce88a3c02f50f10f0e1ddd1e9a4085 openfire_src_3_10_3.zip

ebf86f137e4cf95552f7d22d2e65fb93e3aa6794 openfire-3.10.3-1.i386.rpm

211545b3c4e1f88a34ee7ba4a9fd5d5325de72b8 openfire_3.10.3_all.deb

Please note that we are no longer producing a Solaris build, due to perceived lack of interest and some strange build problems we encountered with our Bamboo build agent. If you would like to help out with creating a Solaris build, please respond in the community forums.

As a reminder, Openfire is developed by a group of volunteers and are always looking for more developers and testers to pitch in. Please stop by our XMPP chatroom open_chat@conference.igniterealtime.org at any time and say if you are interested in helping out!

Happy Chatting!



how do i upgrade to from 3.10.2 on Linux AMI? in the docs the command is for 3.3.3 :s