Openfire 3.10 Beta

I installed the beta version and am having an issue with spark clients connecting to the Openfire server. The machine and client are on the same network. Port 5222 is listening on the server and clients can telnet to port 5222 and they get a response. What I found is in the admin screen under interface ports the interface is listed as 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0 and not All addresses like my 3.93 version that works fine. How do I correct this issue?

This port uses SSL to encrypt traffic over the network
Client to Server
The standard port for clients to connect to the server. Connections may or may not be encrypted. You can update the security settings for this port.

It shows 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0 in the Admin Console on my server (3.10 one of the recent builds), but Spark and other clients can login.

When I try to use the create account function in the spark client, I get an account cannot be created, I verified port 522 is listening and I can connect to the port using 5222. Any other ideas? It does not work with IP or server name

Try disabling IPv6 in your adapter’s settings on the server. I have it disabled, so maybe that’s why it works for me. Have no other clues so far.

I have tried enabling IPv6 on my server and it didn’t change anything, so maybe this is unrelated. But you should still try this. Maybe this is not the cause of your problem, but that 0:0:0 thing looks related to IPv6. 3.10 has Jetty (internal web server) updated to 9.1. Maybe they’ve added some kind of support for IPv6 and so Admin Console is showing this now (

When I disabled ip6 then the 0’s went away and all addresses showed, but this still did not fix my issue. Not sure what to look at next.

Interesting. What operating system? I’m testing on Windows 7. And i had IPv6 already disabled and it still shows zeros for me. Don’t know what to suggest. Check your firewall, maybe you have some settings in Openfire like some IPs allowed only. Try disabling SSL requirement, if you have it on.

I still met this issue for few days that leads clients(spark 2.6.3) can’t connect to server in anyway. Try to take the codes, and found that the issue may exist in mina, but no result .My os is win7. I try to update spark to 2.7.0, it can connect to the server successfully. But the offline messages seem to be incorrect. In spark 2.6.3, i send a message to offline user, offline user got right offline message count. In spark 2.7.0, it got several messages with some null ones.

It looks to me that this is not exactly related to 0:0:0 issue. Spark 2.6.3 for some reason can’t connect to Openfire 3.10.0 when using SSL. Not sure is it worth to investigate as 2.7.0 is already released and there won’t be new 2.6.x versions. If you can connect with 2.7.0, then it is fine.

As for the offline messages issue, you have to be more specific about what these messages are, how many of them, etc. And start a new forums thread, as it is not related to the issue discussed here. I can’t reproduce it by sending offline messages. All come up just fine in Spark.