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Openfire 3.3.1 - Lotus Domino 7.0 - LDAP auth

Good day,

I’‘ve read some posts about the Openfire users authentication against LDAP server provided by Lotus Domino, but until now i’'m unable to configure that feature in my enviroment.

My Openfire server runs on Debian Linux

My Lotus Domino runs on Windows 2000 Server (standalone, no AD)

this is my LDAP configuration in conf/openfire.xml

and here the error shown in my Lotus Domino console:

21/06/2007 18.08.10 LDAP Server: Warning: Invalid credentials specified on Bind request, DN is administ,O=relay/

Waiting for your support…

Many thanks


I hope that this is just a copy+paste error:

Openfire.xml should contain only one adminPassword tag and not two.

Can you connect to your LDAP server using the same settings with an LDAP Browser?

(http://www.ldapbrowser.com/ for Softerra’'s LDAP Browser 2.6 / freeware)


Good Day,

just to complete the 3d, I’'ve solve my problem using “encloseUserDN” parameters in my ldap config

  • false*

Many thanks for cooperation.

Best Regards