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Openfire 3.3.1 on FreeBSD connectivity problems


I installed openfire 3.3.0 a couple of days ago and was having numerious problems logging to either the admin web interface, or via a client. It might take anywhere between 3 and 10 attempts (with the same user/pass) to actually login to either.

I saw 3.3.1 was released, so I upgraded to that and I’'m still having the same issues.

Also, when using the admin web interface, when I search for users, sometimes it will display no users at all, other times it will show them.

I’‘ve got the debug log running now, so as I get more info and it’'s need, I can post it here.

I’'m running on FreeBSD 6, with JDK 1.5.0, using openfire 3.3.1.

There’'s plenty of memory available to the server.

I did notice some SASL auth errors/problems in there. Could that be my problem?

Also, I am running the MSN and ICQ transports (I know ICQ is beta at best). The server doesn’‘t keep my transport information, or it isn’'t being passed back to the client properly. I can usually connect to it initially, but it will drop the transport connection after a short while.

Anyone have any ideas of what to look at in here?



Hi Paul,

you should see errors in the error.log of Openfire. Is it possible that the connection to the database fails? This could explain such errors.


Thanks for that tip. The database certainly is dropping the connections.

I’‘ve changed it to use localhost, in that hope that it’‘ll use the socket connection, instead of the tcpip connection. However, I am still getting some connectivity issues. I’'ll keep monitoring things and see how it all goes.

Cheers for your help.

Reading through some of the other posts (especially about the missing roster), it appears that MySQL doesn’‘t like having such a long timeout (default of 1 day) and is thereby causing all manner of mischief. So I’'ve dropped it down to approx 1 hour now, to see how that fares.

I have some problems too. After manualy update from 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 cant connect to admin-console, any processs don`t listen ports 9090 & 9091.

“openfire status” print “openfire is running as pid …”.

Guys. Did you know the upgrade procedure:


Or you are trying to upgrade manually?

Mine was a completely fresh install of openfire 3.3.0, then upgrade to 3.3.1 (none of the wildfire -> openfire classes should apply, should they?)

I’'ve never had wildfire installed.