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Openfire 3.3.2 and IM 1.1.2

Hello all, it’s been a while since my last post… We’re having pretty much no troubles lately, but I did find one (unreproducable as always problem with the MSN transport.

I have three users complaining that their Spark MSN Transport signs in and out many times over the course of one minute, so many in fact they are unable to use the transport all together…

I’ve successfully removed and re-added MSN info for one user but the other two had no such luck.

Has anyone experienced this issue?




I witnessed the same thing yesterday. I was watching people:

a) using our app (openfire/gateway plugin)

b) using another im app

and both sets of users were signing in and out. I was seeing this on adium using a direct connection to msn. My theory yesterday was that the issue was actually with msn - is this what you’re seeing?

I am pretty new at this so i havn’t looked over any logs. What I do know is 90% of the staff is online ALL DAY. We only have 6 or so users that have the constant ‘disconnect and reconnect’ issue. I seemed to fix one person by removing and re-adding their info, but I havn’t tried the others yet.

I just updated my openfire today, and then updated the IM plugin. I noticed that after I updated the plugin, my AIM and Yahoo connections (the only two I was using) were restarting contantly. I restarted the server and that problem went away. It may not be what other people were seeing, but I thought I should let you know.

If it matters, the first time it was running via the program (which was started as a result of Openfire upgrade) and the second time was running as a service.

Got any debug logs? =) I have no clue what could possibly be occuring without them.