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Openfire 3.3.2 and IM external using Gaim

Hello people

Wonder if you can answer a question for me. I have just installed Ubuntu v 7.10 and installed LAMPso its got java, mysql, apache2, php etc with Openfire 3.2.2 I have setup gaim so users can message each other inside out network but im wondering if i can instant message users externally like to users with msn accounts. I have setup a jabber account with gaim. can anyone advise if this can be done and if so how.

When I try to add an email address the remote server does not respond 404 error.

Well first GAIM does not require an Openfire server to chat with people on other networks (AIM, MSN, Gtalk, etc). It connects directly to those networks. Second MSN contacs are not always a MSN email address (ie johnd@msn.com). Mine is not.

That doesn’t really answer my question the reason why i installed openfire so i use IM internally i am wanting to know can it be used for external???

What is really my question, even if i used pidgin this would work interally but does openfire work so i can communicate to users with aim, msn, etc

Yes ther is an IM Gateway plugin for openfire that tunnels the connections. I do not know how well that would work with GAIM/Flying Rat I mean Pidgin. They are direct connect clients that will connect directly to those protocols even from inside your company. The XMPP connection may work with the gateway correctly but I am not sure. I use spark for this very reason we can force everyone to use our Openfire server even for the othe services. Then with permissions restrict access to those services.

thanks for that info that is exaclty what i needed. i have downloaded and copied the gateway.jar fle but no i need to configure it. I have tried to follow the instructions but in my admin console there is no gateway optipn. the .jar file is in the plugins directory for openfire??

This plugin is configured via the “Gateways” sidebar item located in the Openfire

Admin Console. You can enable individual transports via the “Settings” sidebar

item, and add new registrations/view existing registrations from the “Registrations”

sidebar item.

any ideas

i have upgraded to openfire 3.5.0 and the IM is now working

Glad to hear it is working now. Somehow I missed your other post, sorry.

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