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Openfire 3.4.2: Exception in JDBCAuthProvider


I’ve installed Openfire 3.4.2 on my developer laptop (Windows XP SP2, MySQL 5.0.45 (latest stable)). Earlier I used 3.3.3, with what I didn’t see the following problem. I did a clean install (not upgrade) from the zip file.

I use JDBCAuthProvider to authenticate against my Drupal database, which runs on MySQL.

The relevant part of my configuration file (attached) is:



<connectionString>jdbc:mysql://localhost/drupal_db?user=drupal_user&p assword=password</connectionString>




<className>org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.JDBCAuthProvider</className& gt;




<passwordSQL>SELECT pass FROM users WHERE name=?</passwordSQL>



I’ve received some exceptions about this (attached), but I think it works since then (see no new enrty in error log).


you could try to use the current MySQL JDBC driver and replace the one which is shipped with Openfire.

Or use the same mysql.jar as you are using with Openfire 3.3.3