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[ Openfire 3.4.3 ] Garbled message text


I’ve upgraded my local wildfire server to openfire 3.4.3 like that:

  1. Stopped wildfire

  2. Uninstalled service

  3. Unzipped openfire

  4. Copied wildfire.xml to openfire.xml (with old wildfire database)

  5. Installed JRE 1.5

And it was up and running when users have found out that message text is garbled sometimes. Specifically, it happens with random cyrillic letter in a message (both groupchat and private messages), and it is replaced by byte sequence “BE BF BD BE BF BD” which seems to be two Unicode “replacement characters” (U+FFFD). And some messages are not garbled. It seems like it happens completely random.

Client software is Miranda IM v 0.7.3 with JabberG plugin, and also Tkabber 0.9.9.

Any help will be really appreciated, thanks in advance.