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Openfire 3.4.3 running with Java jre-1.6.0 - can i install jdk 6u3 without problems?


on my linux server i am running a openfire install (v. 3.4.3) with a java vm (jre-1.6.0_01-fcs)

Java is installed at:




I want to “ant” some “build.xml” and for that i need the “tools.jar” which is only included in the java jdk (development kit).

Can i additional install the java jdk 6u3 on my machine? Is there anything to watch out for or does openfire “ignore” the new java installation.

On my machine will be running jre 1.6.0 and jdk6u3 side by side - is this possible or cause it any trouble?

Thanks in advance.

Finally i got an workaound and it is possible