OpenFire 3.5.0 and Free OpenSource Enterprise Plugin

Is the free opensource Enterprise plugin going to simply snap-in to 3.5.0? In other words if I start deploying 3.5.0 and when the Enterprise plugin becomes available free will I be able to simply activate it and receive the appropriate functionality or is it going to require an upgrade to like 3.5.1 for instance.

I need to start getting our wide scale deployment roled out but have been holding back since the announcement of the Enterprise plugin going free as I do not want to have to rework our entire deployment to take advantage of the extra functionality and feature set.

Could someone please confirm.

Thank you.

Hi a_user,

It would be best to wait for 3.5.1 anyway, since 3.5.0 has some serious bugs with user lockout, and s2s connectivity.