OpenFire 3.5.1 dies silently on Debian Etch/4.0

Dear All!

This is my first posting to this community. So hello everyone

I’ve installed OpenFire 3.5.1 on Debian Etch/4.0 using .deb package findable on project’s home page.

I’m rather experiences Debian administrator, so my problems surely are not connected with not understanding some ideas, or other beginner problems.

Here is my situation described:

  1. Memory for Java has been adjusted in /etc/default/openfire DAEMON_OPTS="-Xms128m -Xmx192m"

  2. There is Java installed using Etch backports repository sun-java6-jre/6-06-1bpo40+1and sun-java6-bin/6-06-1bpo40+1

  3. I use MySQL database as storage - DB is located in local network and is 100% available

  4. Host running OpenFire has DHCP daemon enabled in order to get IP address. Of course it always get same IP and there is no situation where during IP renewal address is not assigned.

  5. I have 31 user accounts created and normally 10 of them are active. Most clients use Spark on Windows, some use Spark on MACs.

  6. There is no problem with kernel killing processes due to lack of system memory.

  7. Unfortunatelly OpenFire daemon dies I’ve enabled debug.log - of course nothing interesting. It jus dies silently, not placing any clue in logs. Kernel logs also do not contain any clue.

  8. Daemon is started in “Debian-way” (using start-stop-daemon) - so it may possibly try to send some meaningful output to stdout - which I currently not see due to redirecting this automatically to the hell.

  9. When it dies? There is no rule. Sometimes it works 10 hours, sometimes it works only 5 hours. Now it used to have uptime bigger that 24 hours. Anyway it does not die immediately. Of course I’m checking Java memory usage on admin console - the problem with dying is not connected with memory usage (less than 40MB of 192MB available)

Do you have any suggestions? Why daemon dies?