Openfire 3.5.2 IM Gateway Plugin configuration not showing in the admin console

I upgraded yesterday to Openfire 3.5.2. I have upgraded the IM Gateway plugin by shutting down openfire, deleting gateway.jar and the gateway directory, restarting openfire and then reinstalling the IM Gateway plugin. Now when users log in using Spark, the IM Gateway icons are missing and the IM Gateway setup is also missing from the Admin Console. The Gateways are, however, enabled when I look at the System Properties and I see my Gateway contacts in my Spark.

I solved the problem. In addition to shutting down Openfire and deleting the gateway.jar and gateway directory, I also had to delete all of the system property entries related to the gateway plugin. I then re-installed the plugin and I was then able to see the gateway tab and set up the gateways again. I started up Spark and I could once again see the gateway icons.