Openfire 3.6.0a debian?

I’ve downloaded and installed the 3.6.0a debian. The admin interface as well as the code always reports just 3.6.0 and tells me that an upgrade to 3.6.0a is available. Is there a chance that someone didn’t properly build the debian?

First OMG. Do people not read the community first. There is an issue with the version checking routine not supporting version numbers with letters in them. It will continue to report a new version incorrectly until 3.6.1 is released and installed. If you do not want the nag message turn it off in the admin panel for Openfire. objectID=178777 objectID=179529 objectID=181027


First, I did read the community. I just didn’t scroll down enough apparently.

Second, why don’t you just put a nice big notice on the downloads page that states what you said above? Or even better, just do another release with just that fix in it?



the search works nice also. Types=BLOG_POST&resultTypes=DOCUMENT&resultTypes=MESSAGE&resultTypes=BLOG&result Types=COMMUNITY&resultTypes=SOCIAL_GROUP&resultTypes=COMMENT&peopleEnabled=true& dateRange=all&communityID=&username=

Because there is currently no Jive programmers working on Openfire to the best of my knowledge. I do not work for them and they just terminated the lead developer. So until then turn off the notifications.