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Openfire 3.6.3 (64-bit) Ubuntu 8.10 - Red5 - Spark Client 2.6.0beta2

I have port forwarded all the ports, seemingly required by Red5 to allow access from outside my network, the ports I have forwarded are:

  1. Spark SSL and file transfer: 5222, 7777
  2. HTTP_Bind: 7070
  3. Red5: 1935, 5070-5079, and 3000-3029.
  4. Adobe: 5229.
  5. My ISP blocks 80, is this needed to work correctly? (Can’t quite afford a static IP yet. )

From within my network, webcam support and audio work seamlessly from within the Spark client. Outside the office, when I try to start webcam messaging, I get an empty page, stating it cannot find the webpage. Is there something I am not forwarding correctly? I am kind of confused as to why this is not working. I am not even sure where to begin testing. I can access the /red5 page from outside the network. Any help would be greatly appreciated.