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Openfire 3.6.3 + Red5Plugin 0.1.09 on Linux: Is SIP Working for you?

Hello guys…

Its been a while since I discovered that Red5SIP Plugin would not work on Linux Server (for some reason that I am trying to figure out).

So my servers and configuration bellow:

SIP Server: Asterisk 1.4.18 - Linux

Openfire Servers:

1- Windows XP + Java 1.6 + Openfire 3.6.3 + Red5 Plugin 0.1.09 + SIP Plugin

Results: All working! Video+Audio calls and SIP calls working. Its using G711 (ulaw) codec on Asterisk Server

2-Linux (Ubuntu 7.10 and Slack 10.2) + Java 1.6 + Openfire 3.6.3 + Red5 Plugin 0.1.09 + SIP Plugin

(before you ask… Yes! Two diferent servers to avoid conflicts and improve support on any version available)

Results: All working BUT SIP calls. After login on SparkWeb the Phone Mapping shows: Registering…and keep this status the whole time that the users is logged on.

Debug information: After about a week of testes and debugging I’d found a few interesting things:

Windows (wheres its working right now):

1-When sparkweb user sign-in windows server makes 3 diferent lines on debug log relatede to SIP Authentication:

Line1:2009.02.05 17:01:31 InternalComponentManager: PACKET SENT: kerne@desktop21721 7217xxxmy.server.hostname. false999truemy.server.hostname.false</promptCrede ntials>

Line2: 2009.02.05 17:01:31 InternalComponentManager: PACKET SENT: Registering

Line3: 2009.02.05 17:01:36 InternalComponentManager: PACKET SENT: Registered

Linux (where only SIP is not working):

Line1: 2009.02.05 16:40:45 InternalComponentManager: PACKET SENT: <
phone xmlns=“http://www.jivesoftware.com/protocol/sipark”>kerne@
215xxxmy.server. hostname.false999truemy.server.hostname.false</promptCrede

Line2: 2009.02.05 16:40:46 InternalComponentManager: PACKET SENT: Registering

Note: Line3: never appears on Linux server!

Following the SIP Authentication on Asterisk it works fine on Windows… but never hit my Linux server to authenticate the user!

Does anyone had the same problem ?

Is someone using Linux server to run Openfire+Red5Plugin+SparkWeb with SIP Support ?

Thanks for attention and I hope we can work togheter to figure out whats happenening. Let me know if you had the same error.

After a few weeks of work just to discover WHY the build versions was not working on Linux I have to say: Its working now!

I had to build my own red5 plugin (based on 0.1.10 Dele’s version) and user the Binary (tarball) package.

So I have to say thats something wrong on Debian package that is not allowing Red5plugin to register its own plugins (like SIP Red5plugin), but its working on tarball version!

My test envoiroment:

Linux Ubuntu 7.10

Openfire-3.6.2 (tarball binary package)

Red5Plugin 0.1.10 (rebuilt)

SIP Plugin 1.0.5

I will start to implement the SIP signalization now to handle BUSY and such


hi, i am trying Openfire 3.6.2 + Red5Plugin 0.1.10 on Ubuntu,but gettting

Error 404 NOT_FOUND




Powered by Jetty://

when visiting the red5.

can you please help on this.


Use the tarball package instead to use .deb files.

After untar the files, put red5.war inside your openfire/plugins directory and start openfire again!

actually I am using this tarball openfire_3_6_2.tar.gz with red5-0.1.10.

but always getting the http404.

Like we talked before check your installation or even reinstall the tarball package.

Version 3.6.3 is recommended

Hi Jose,

I am also trying the same(Openfire 3.6.3 + Red5Plugin 0.1.09 on Linux(CentOS)) for SIP Call.

And my SIP Server is also the same Asterisk. Is the Call working for you?

If yes, can you give me the steps for making it work. Once this is working I even have to try with OpenSER.

Thanks in advance

Gouri Prasad.