Openfire 3.6.3 + Spark 2.6.x connection trouble


I installed Openfire server a long time ago (about 3 years) and sometimes upgrade it to newer version (last was 3.6.3).

At the beginning ther were only 30-50 users online, but now it over 500 users online and about one month ago i’ve got a problem with connection.

At random time server disconnecting random client, and then client can’t connect to server again, but server shows that client is still online.

I tried to read logs but didn’t find something about connection errors. And a lot of peoples claim to me about this problem, but i didn’t no what to do with it. Can some one help me?

I attached last logs if it can help.

Sorry for my bad english.

p.s. at last week people who dropped out can’t connect at all. Authentification error appears. So them can connect only after server restart.

p.s.s. OS Windows 2003 Server x86 (with last updates) + Microsoft SQL server2005 (on another server)

logs.ZIP (86935 Bytes)

And here is spark logs
logs - (1707 Bytes)

Assume that you are using SSO via AD? If yes, you may have to search a bit through the forum for SSO related postings. There are not many people around who speak ybout ther SSO setting. Some claim it does not work at all, others got is working easily. I have no idea about the real status.

No i didn’t use SSO via AD, i tried it once but didn’t like it so i use plain autorization, and all users created throught spark.