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Openfire 3.6.4 admin console resets when authenticating group chat

Hello all,

I’ve set up Openfire 3.6.4 with PostgreSQL on the back end. I’m also connecting using LDAP/Active Directory. Initially, people can log on and speak to each other one on one. However, when setting up a group chat, the console loses all authentication and I have to edit the xml file to reset everything. Is there something that’s done wrong in the configuration?

Any help would be appreciated.



does Openfire write the conf/openfire.xml file when you create a group chat? I did never hear of such a problem and are likely not able to reproduce it as I already use the 3.7 beta.


Hi LG,

I’m not sure that it does. In fact, when attempting the username code to add an administrator to get around the login issue, it clears it out upon login. I’m able to set the setup line to “false”, however, to get things back in order.

I think what happens is that the users attempt to create a group chat, and it wipes out the LDAP connection. I guess that would explain not being able to log on (since the admin ID is provided by LDAP) and it only views the LDAP directory, not make a copy of it. Does this sound like something that would happen or could it be caused by something else?