Openfire 3.6.4 - Admin Console - Server sessions frozen,


On a certain (solaris 10) server to (solaris 10) server (no other servers are involved) connection, we noticed that after a while the server sessions information is not accessible any more. On the client site (using Psi 0.12) user sessions are looking frozen. Another thing we noticed is that this only happens when users are logging into the remote server. If we reverse the situation, everything is OK. We have to stop/start the Openfire service to clear the situation.

Connections and user access from and to other servers are OK.

Any advise.

Can you reproduce this on 3.8.1?

Hallo David,

First, thanks for the quick reply and second, sorry we can not run version 3.8.1 because of company and other restrictions.

Regards, Marc.