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Openfire 3.6.4 on 64 bit JVM

Hello Everyone,

We are using Openfire 3.6.4 on a 32 bit JVM from the last three years.

However from the last one month due to increased load we are facing regular out of memory exceptions (heap size and native thread allocation). So we are planning to move to 64 bit JVM as this would enable us to increase the heap size and also have a greater amount of process memory available to Openfire process.

Kindly advise if you have seen any issues in moving to 64 bit JVM



you can still address an awful lot of memory for the 32 bit jvm. if you simply switch to a 64 bit jvm, i don’t think you will notice any difference.

This doc may be of use to you: http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1033

In the “Heap Settings” section you will find ways to increase the jvm’s memory. Note that the examples are pretty old now, so instead of 32m and 128m, start with something like 256m and 512m. You can even go above a gig if you need to. It may take some experimentation to get it dialed in right for your situation and load.