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Openfire 3.6.4 performance concerns

A little background: We’ve been running Openfire 3.6.3 at my company with moderate success for around a month, and generally peak during the day at around 200 users. We are using LDAP for authentication/group management, but are considering moving to mysql instead to bring it all ‘in house’, as it were.

I saw that Openfire 3.6.4 introduced a fix for a bug that would allow users to change another user’s password, so I included the upgrade in a scheduled off-peak maintenance. After following the upgrade guidelines (stopped the service, backed up the db/app, and ran the installer), I noticed immediate performance issues. First, it took several minutes to be able to log in via a client, recieving a message stating that the server was not responding. I was able to log in to the admin console almost immediately. After the server was available for clients, sessions begain appearing, but were all displayed as ‘offline.’ No users on any rosteres were available in the clients. We were no longer able to add/remove users to our rosters, or search for a user. Performance for client-to-server traffic was unacceptably slow. I assumed the server was updating the list of users, or something, in the cache. I allowed it to run for approximately 3 hours, before I finally made the decision to roll back to 3.6.3-- when I did, the system returned to normal, and has remained so ever since.

I have not been able to find anyone else mentioning issues, and I will be loading Openfire in to my dev environment to attempt to identify the issue. Has anyone else experienced similar issues, and were you able to resolve them?

I guess what I should take away from the 133 views of this post with no comments is that this is an isolated issue and that my case is unique?

Based on my experience running 3.6.4 for both Jive internal and igniterealtime.org I have not seen the performance problem you mention. I did see a weird issue where after installing the new jar and restarting Openfire the admin console URL would throw a 404, but that cleared itself up after a second restart. Otherwise it’s been just as responsive and performs as well as 3.6.3 based on casual observation.

Thanks. If you don’t mind my asking, what sort of setup are you using for openfire? I’m using two servers-- an app server and a seperate server running a mysql database, authenticating via ldap.

Running the app and database (MySQL) on the same server (Dual Quad-Core Xeon, 20GB RAM – this particular server does more than just Openfire though ). For our internal Openfire we’re still using local authentication, but at some point will be moving to LDAP instead.