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Openfire 3.6.4. UserStatus 1.0.3 plugin

Hello. Do not tell me where to download the userstatus 1.0.3 plugin.
Thank you in advance.
We cannot use the new version due to compatibility issues.

Java version 1.6

try here

There is no 1.0.3 version on that page. But i’m thinking it might be that 1.0.4 is the same as 1.0.3. 1.0.4 is the oldest i have in my personal archive and its changelog only has versions up to 1.0.3. On 1.2.2 changelog there is no 1.0.4 version as well. So, i’m guessing 1.0.4 is actually just renamed 1.0.3 version. So, if 1.0.4 is not working (which is set to min Openfire version 3.6.0), then 1.0.3 probably wouldn’t work as well. And you probably won’t be able to find it anyway.

Version 1.0.4 runs on openfire 3.6.4, but requires Java version 1.7 minimum. We have an application that only needs Java 1.6. Therefore, I wanted version 1.0.3 in the hope that it was built in Java less than 1.7.

Nobody here has 1.0.3 and I’m not sure it even existed.