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OpenFire 3.6.4 Windows 2003 Std Java memory

pleas help me change Java memory.

i`m creat openfire-service.vmoptions on C:\Program Files\Openfire\bin



and restart service. but don`t change java memory =(

Java Version:
1.6.0_03 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ Server VM
Host Name:
OS / Hardware:
Windows 2003 / x86
Locale / Timezone:
en / Azerbaijan Time (4 GMT)
Java Memory

19,76 MB of 63,31 MB (31,2%) used

Have you checked the instructions in http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/install- guide.html#CustomParameters ?

To create parameters for the normal launcher, create a file called openfired.vmoptions in the **bin/ **directory of your Openfire installation (since the openfire.exe launcher invokes the openfired.exe executable to actually start the server).