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Openfire 3.6+ and Domino LDAP

Hello all,

I have been trying to integrate Openfire with a Domino 8.02 LDAP. I can successfully set it up under version 3.52, but when I upgrade the groups become invisible in the admin console. It will tell me there are 38 groups (which is correct) and it will indicate there are three pages of groups, but the pages are blank. What information can I supply to help investigate this issue?



BUMP - anyone else having similar problems with Domino LDAP?

I assume that you have some DN filter in options. Users in Domino have hierarchical format (CN=User/O=ACME) but groups are plain ( MyGroup).

Try to name your groups like MyGroup/Acme.

As I remember all config options in later Openfire versions has been migrated from config.xml to the DB. So check the database for all your LDAP options made in 3.5.2.


I have successfull Domino+Openfire 3.6 installation but I don’t use Domino groups because there are a bug in openfire with presense of users belonging to LDAP groups. So I use LDAP users but groups are internal. I’ve written a Domino agent to synchronize Domino groups members with Openfire groups members (via ODBC)

Thanks for your response. We have already setup the groups as you have suggested and they appear in the admin console. We have setup automation on Domino to create/update email groups and IM groups based on what people put in their person document on Domino. If they put IT as their primary group on the person document, they will be added to the IT Dept email list and the IT Dept IM group. We were planing to share these groups out to everyone. How are you pushing out groups to rosters using the ODBC calls?

As you can see in the attched picture, the groups show up correctly in 3.5.2 and I can share them out for all to see. If I upgrade to 3.6+ I lose the ability to see the groups in the admin console and the ability to share them out to everyone.



sledger46 wrote:

We were planing to share these groups out to everyone. How are you pushing out groups to rosters using the ODBC calls?



My groups have been created manually in Openfire and checked as shared. I use ODBC to add\remove members only.

There are tables with groups’ properties that can be managed by ODBC (you can create new groups there) but I didn’t try it.

What about groups’ names displaying: try to tune LDAP options in openfire. You can set an attribute there corresponding to LDAP group name.