Openfire 3.6 + Clearspace 2.5 IM Integration

We have been chasing the integration of OF and CS for a while now but we finally have the revisions lined up. It’s my understanding that OF connects to CS now rather than the other way around, and there should be a Clearspace tab in Openfire. We don’t have this and I suspect it’s because we dont use Clearspace integration as the user authentication source in OF. And we do not want to do this, is there any way to integrate IM anyway?

The LDAP backend is the same for both systems, and I know this used to work in the past when CS connected to OF. This is a dependancy we do not like, as our Openfire userbase is 100x the users we’re putting on Clearspace.

I can understand the value of having CS be a user backend in situations without common authentication and on Internet communities, however in an LDAP environment I do not see any value in doing this. Seems like a step backwards and creates a valueless dependancy.

Thanks for any input.