Openfire 3.7.0 has been released!

Any chance of the Asterisk-IM plugin being updated?

Since I updated to 3.7.0, Openfire seems to resolve some server adresses incorrectly. “” gets turned into “com” and the connection fails.

Upgraded to 3.7, all working perfectly for me. Great work guys.

Would someone recompile webchat.jar with this?

I’m using a binary version… the .deb on Ubuntu and downloading the plugin from the website.

I had to alter the .deb package to not depend on the Sun JREs and depend on “default-jre-headless” instead.

I have uploaded a compiled webchat.war based on openfire 3.7.0 in the SVN

That’s actually not new – if you have say, Openfire does this thing where it tries,, and then com. Can’t say I agree with it doing that, but hey. None-the-less it’s been there for a long time now.

Ch’Ih-Yu wrote:

Since I updated to 3.7.0, Openfire seems to resolve some server adresses incorrectly. “” gets turned into “com” and the connection fails.

Greate work & Congratulations !

Still doesn’t work

Delete all plugins from /plugins folder except of admin. Then try again.

Btw, please start a new thread for your issues, don’t comment here with issues. It is more convenient to discuss every issue in a separate forum thread.

Additional to what Wroot wrote: You appear to have problems using the Kraken plugin. Try using the latest beta from Kraken (see That one is known to be compatible with Openfire 3.7.0.

That issue is because you are not running new enough of a version of Kraken. Check out and grab the latest 1.1.3 beta 3 version. It has Openfire 3.7.0 support. =)

The only difference being, that it worked before with the very same JID and doesn’t work since I upgraded.

hrm cant speak for that then. just saw that issue in the past :confused:

Currently running 3_6_4 on Windows 2000 w/ Java DB used for internal IM small business. Use Exodus 0.10 works well. Curious can I just run the 3_7 w/ Java .exe to update my current install? Have 2 plugins Monitoring service 1.1.1 by Jive software, and Search 1.4.3 by Ryan Graham.


Yes, you can stop the server and run 3.7.0 setup. It will end database upgrade upon launching the server again. You will need to update plugins via Admin Console. Of course, you should always make a backup before doing upgrade.

Would the guys from Jive please provide a compatability list of which plugins run together with 3.70 and which not.

With this chaos it is unpossible to upgrade without risking production state of running instance.

Guys from Jive no longer actively participate in Openfire (and other projects), except for giving this hosting space and provinding backend software. List of plugins compatible with 3.7.0 (at the moment):


Client Control

Content Filter

Email Listener

Fastpath Service

Jingle Nodes

Monitoring Service

Packet Filter

Presence Service



SIP Phone


User Import Export

User Service

All above plugins avaitlabe on page and also you can update those plugins directly in Admin Console (it will show which plugins has a newer version).

Fastpath Webchat recompiled version was provided by Dele

Also Kraken IM Gateway 1.1.3 Beta 3 is compatible with Openfire 3.7.0

The recompiled webchat is at

The original file was for the wrong build target. I compiled for a webapp war file instead of a combined plugin/webapp war file.

Will support for the Asterisk-IM plugin be added?

While I can deploy it on Tomcat and is working, I cannot install it as a plugin. Any reason for it?