Openfire 3.7.0 leaking


We experience the new 3.7.0 as a step back since we keep running out of memory. We need to restart the Openfire every two days as it runs towards 95% of the 1 GB of memory (heap) available. We had similar problem with 3.6.4 but not near as much as now. Does anybody know what could cause this?

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I have exactly same problem. I have to restart 3.7.0 every now and then since it has eaten all 2G of memory. With old 3.6.4 I had to restart it only once in a month or so. Now I’m thinking of downgrading back to 3.6.4, I just have to check that downgrading works as nice as upgrade.

Sorry I can’t help you in this issue though.



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It might be related to this:

Thanks for your answer. At least my problem might be related to PEP, since after I disabled PEP totally, no more memory leaking, at least in last few hours. Of course I need to monitor it much more to be sure, but at least looks promising. I disabled it by using these instructions:

I’m really not a java-guru, and I have installed Openfire from .deb-package, so I really don’t know how I could patch my Openfire with your instructions So I just disabled it for time being.

Its better to just disable PEP. I am not sure if my patches work anyway. I’m still trying to figure out the code.

BTW, disabling PEP worked for me too. After PEP was disabled there were no memory issues. That doesn’t help much if you are using PEP though!