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Openfire 3.7.1 + AD + VCARD Mapping + Given Name in Spark?

Dear Comunity,

Today i brong Openfire to work with our AD. So far so good.

But when i log in to Spark i can do that only with our user id. My is mq1w

In the search function from Spark i can also only search for other user id`s.

The Problem is that i can then also not add them because the user id have only 4 Charakters.
When i check my Profil i see no Name is there. By prename is my userid lastname is empty.
Is it possible somehow to user the normall user id for login Spark and that it show the full Given Name as Showed Name and not the User ID?

The Business Adress (Street etc seems all correct) linked.

I guess in vcard it is not correct mapped?

I saw this community post but my openfire config looks the same like from isnoface

I found this post and solved a bit my problem:

Now i can search in Spark for a last Name and it shows me the User ID`s where match to the IDs.
Like when i search for Lastname “Wenger” it show me the User ID ms8b@vw20005.vol.be.ch
automaticly is the Nickname ms8b.

Is it possible somehow thats there the Given Name Displayed as Nickname like “Corrine Wenger” ?