Openfire 3.7.1 Admin console wont login


I have gone through all the previous suggested tricks in order to try and log back in to the admin console with no joy.

Such as edit the .xml file etc …set to false…add admin username in the xml file but nothing works.

Does anyone else know of any other tricks to get into the admin console ?

I have made a backup of the corrupt install and made a new insatll which works fine but obviously no users ! I dont want to have to re enter all my users again over 100 +

Now its an embedded db on windows 2008 r2

It was working fine up until now !

Anyway of copying the users from the old embedded db into a db I can login to ?

Or any other ideas ??



If you are still able to login via XMPP then please check:

Do you have a line like this in your openfire.script file?


If it’s not there you may want to shutdown Openfire and insert it with your JID just after the last “INSERT INTO OFPROPERTY VALUES(…” line.

Use a comma (",") if you want to specify multiple JIDs, no whitespace characters.

If login via XMPP does no longer work then you have a problem, and may need to extract the users from the openfire.script file - you can simply copy and paste the “INSERT INTO OFUSER …” lines into an existing openfire.script file. You may need to replace also the “INSERT INTO OFPROPERTY VALUES(‘passwordKey’,…” line, otherwise the user may not be able to login.