Openfire 3.7.1 has been released!

I use openfire/spark for a while now and love the applications. I was so exited when I saw the long awaited release of 3.7.1 and downloaded right away to run on my test sever. After reading the change log, I was very dissapointed. It seems more like a premature release.

For the limited minor features and bug fixes, I think it was a rush to say a new version is out at last.

I do not think the changes are worth the risk to upgrade from 3.7.0.

This is not the 3.8 or 4.0 version, this is just the 3.7.1 and as it says, it is a bugfix release, just like Firefox did with 7.0.1. This release is mainly to address the S2S bug. And some folks were begging/demanding (literally) for this fix for 6 months now. So i think it is safe to say “at last”, though Guus doesn’t say this in this blog post. Also, it is good to have any release without having any developers (almost literally). So far only Guus occasionally (voluntarily, in his spare time) do some fixes and pushes a release. Well, and very occasionally someone else will contribute a patch. We need developers, contributors, volunteers. Only then we can have substantial releases with more features and fixes.

That’s the world of Open Source. If there are no people around it, it won’t flourish on itself.

Glad you had a seamless upgrade experience You have mentioned Asterisknow. Do you use it in conjunction with Openfire or is it just sitting besides Openfire isolated? Openfire once had the Asterisk plugin, which is still available in the Plugins section, but i think it is not compatible with Openfire for a long time.

No obligation at all, but if you can find time, you can post a config of SIP Phone plugin with Asterisknow as a doc here in the forums. Often people ask what they can use instead of Asteriks-IM plugin and i have nothing to suggest.

I think this can be Spark, as some parts of it were rewritten and proprietary stuff thrown away. You can try with Spark 2.5.8 and Openfire 3.7.1 to find this out.

I see only a few SIP related tickets in JIRA, but probably your issue is something new, so i will try to file it too (SPARK1205, SPARK1199). As for the document. I have only general understanding how asterisk-voip stuff works, so anything will do (i’m not planning to do this myself, just for the community).

This version has some issues, but we cant report on jira because we won’t have right to create new jira issues although registered jira user.

Seems it it not wished bugs to bre reportrd…

Bugs should be reported on the forums (preferably tagged with “bug” or “bug_report”). Jira is closed for the public access, so we won’t have it flooded with bad reports, questions or duplicates of already known bugs.

Hi Gus,

An ychance someone can provide patch for Global Catlog searches using MS Active Directory.

See this link: tive-directory-global-catalog-server/comment-page-1/#comment-1476