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Openfire 3.7.2 version Source code required

From where i can get the scource code of 3.7.2 version of Openfire ?

That might be a problem, I see that there was no tag created for that release.

When we started using openfire, the stable version available was 3.7.2. We have made some changes in openfire to overcome some limitation in openfire. Now we want to contribute that changes to igniterealtime. We were looking for 3.7.2 version to compare and get all the changes we did.

Is it possible to have a tag in openfire trunk for 3.7.2 version ?

the problem sounds like a tag was not made for 3.7.2 so it would only be a “best guess” if one were to be added. Instead, try making a Diff/Patch against the current 3.8.2 since that’s where active development is at for the moment. You may get more conflicts to fix this way, but should get you on the right track.


Aren’t we corresponding directly via email about this? Why did you also ask here?


Hi Daryl,

Sorry for misunderstanding here but my concern is that we have some other changes as well apart from the changes we have provided you. We would wanted to let you know about some other issues and its fixes. We have 3.7.2 version with our change and we were for looking for 3.7.2 source code so that we compare and send you changes.

If we do diff with 3.8.2, we are getting many conflicts and it takes time to identify our changes.


Please just provide diff’s against the source code tree when you started. Where did you get that from? The source code tarball for the 3.7.2 release?


Try 3.7.1, which would probably be much closer that 3.8.x to track your diffs. There is a tag in the repo for that one.

In the end, you still need to provide a patch file against trunk to contribute your changes, otherwise you are simply pushing the work on someone else to figure out how to apply it against the current code base. In this scenario, it isn`t likely to get done at all.

We downloaded openfire_src_3_7_2.zip from - http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/source.jsp

We do not have copy of original source code we downlaoded so I was looking for that.

You can redownload that file here:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/download-landing.jsp?file=openfire/openf ire_src_3_7_1.zip

and then diff the two trees.


Sure. I will do a diff with 3.7.1 and identify our changes and will provider patch files for latest trunk.


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It is showing -

We’re sorry, this page can’t be found.

So, there is massive confusion here. I have no record we did a 3.7.2 release?


Ha, now that I think about it, you are correct. I remember the discussion about that release and I suggested that we should make it 3.8 instead, which we did.

There was no 3.7.2 release, which explains why no tag exists. It sounds like the OP basically had a snapshot of the source tree at some point in time between 3.7.1 and 3.8.

Trying a diff against 3.7.1 or 3.8 might be the best bet.

You are right. My apology for this confusion. We have download from latest trunk available at that time (not from zip file).

I have compared with 3.8 version which is much closer to 3.7.2