Openfire 3.7 Service Issues

All of a sudden we’ve been having openfire 3.7 issues with the windows service. Openfire keeps dropping and when I restart the service, it always fails to restart successfully…gets stuck on stopping. I’ve reinstalled the service (on windows server 2008) a couple times and it doesnt help. Now I uninstalled the service and am just using the executable but now I get the attached messages in the window. I’ve disabled all plugins but that didnt help. Can anyone look at the attachment and tell me if its anything to worry about?

Thanks. (1543 Bytes)

Wonder if the latest Windows updates has anything to do with this

any one specifically?

Just guessing. You can try to find their numbers and uninstall them one by one and check if that helps. Well, this doesn’t have to be the updates. But this is the only thing coming up that has changed on Windows systems recently. Maybe you have some other software that has been updated.

The launcher works fine. just not the service. that’s what’s weird. there were no windows updates on that day the issues started. and no events are in the audit policy on openfire. weird again. openfire’s been running fine since I posted this, save the service, which I’d like to have back. if anyone else has seen this, please chime in.