OpenFire 3.8.1 how to attach a buddy in clients


i have installed OF via synology packages onto my Synology 111. It works very well.

I have created two testusers. They use the clients bria 3 and pidgin. Both of them are logged on correctly according to the server.

My question:

If I try to register them as buddy. Testuser 1 to testuser 2 and vica versa They are not found.

I have tried to make it so: and testuser@ (via VPN). It does not work.

How can a buddy be registered in a client?

Sorry for the stupid question but I cannot authorise my buddies. They do not see each other as online.

Thank you for your help.




did you resolve this? I have the same issue and can’t get two accounts to IM each other.

I can send a ‘broadcast message’ from the web interface to both accounts, so i know they are online (even though my chat clients says they are not online)

Please let me know