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Openfire 3.8.1 Monitoring 1.3.1-rc1 Not working

We recently upgraded to the 1.3.1 rc for the Monitoring plugin and for some reason ever since the ugprade you can no login get the messages from the past few days. We can only see messages from May3rd before we actually implemented the upgrade.

Debating on reinstalling the whole system but if there is an easy fix it would be appreciated…

Also went to rebuild the index under archiving settings and got this error:

typeerror:object# has no method 'getinlineopacity

And another thing:

We have deleted and tried to reinstall it via the plugins tab on the admin panel, deleted and reinstalled via the jar file upload option…restarted the plugin as well and nothing seems to work.

i rolled back to the old monitoring.jar file and it started working again. missed the conversations from the last few days though…