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OpenFire 3.8.2 Not delivering Messages to Client


My client uses strophe library to connect with Openfire3.8.2 using punjab-master .

The problem is sometimes Openfire is not delivering messages to specified user even though those messages are archivred and set in the db

Any help is appreciated


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Can you please provide more details such as your OS version, Java version in use, punjab-master version etc?

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Yes which OS, jdk version and more info if possible,


Openfire 3.8.2

MYSQL: 5.5.34

Ubuntu 13.10

java version “1.7.0_25”

Latest punjab-master from https://github.com/twonds/punjab

Scenario is the below:

Clients connect to Openfire server using punjab on port 5280, User connects normally without any problems.

Sometimes and some of the messages exchanged are not delivered to corresponding user.

I had enabled te monitoring pluging and i can see data stored in the db but User do not receive it at all.


Did you manage to get any reply? we are facing the same issue

is it being sent to a different resource? as-in, is the user, or has the user logged in elsewhere? maybe it’s sending but to the wrong place. OF will use the resource name to try to find the correct user.

I have set OF with the below properties:

  • xmpp.client.idle : 10000 (10sec)

  • xmpp.client.idle.ping: true

  • route.all-resources:true

Also each User is defined with a Unique Resource, and their no duplication of Users in OF admin console Sessions, so no risk that OF send them to another Resource(I think)

A better scenario that migth descibe my case, I have 2 chat Users, User1 and User2.

User1 send a Message to User2:

  • User2 Receive the Message when both are online and have Internet Connection.
  • User2 loses his Internet Connection:
    • After 10 sec:
      • OF will set User2 status as Offline,
      • messages sent to User2 will be stored once he is offline for OF.
      • Once He’s back online again OF will resend him offline messages.
    • In those 10 secs, User2 is still online for OF also for User1 (but effectively he has no** Internet Connection**):
      • OF is still considering him as online
      • messages are not stored as offline,
      • messages not delivered to User2 when he got his Internet Connection back.


Hey all.

I have installed Openfire on MACOSX, and I am using an older version of Mysql. Openfire clients authenticate to the database, and I can search for them… but neither offline texts, or real-time texts are being delivered to the remote client regardless of the status of the remote client.

Its almost like I have Read/Only access via the jdbc connections. I have tried just about everything and am still not working. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this? The Offline DB is blank even if the remote client is OOO. So its definitely not doing what I asked the Server to do, and it doesnt match the settings.