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Openfire 3.8.2 + SSL (RapidSSL)

Hello Everyone, I’m working with Openfire 3.8.2 since last year but now I would like to use a valid SSL. I bought SSL no RapidSSL.

First thing that i did was check current SSL and I have the following

After check this I click to sign the certificate with my information to generate CSR and got the following

Here exist other key for dsa but i didn’t copy because I couldn’t make screenshoot.

When I got this i submit this CSR to rapidssl to get a Certificate for my domain. I got by email two parts, one called Web Server CERTIFICATE and other part called Intermediate CA.

I copy Intermediate CA from email and paste into and i got the following

I don’t know why the host name is RapidSSL CA instead of my hostname. If i paste the same cert for dsa i got the same result.

I have not idea what other thing i could do.

Does anyone have idea about how to do this ?

Thanks in advance

After that, i checked tab Server–Server Manager – Server Name , and this inform that RSA certificate is not valid for this server domain.