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Openfire 3.8/CentOS - hosed rosters, can't see other users

After a year of running 3.7.1 with virtually no issues, we upgraded to 3.8.0 and are experiencing issues with users seeing each other when they are online. As you can imiagine, it makes chat useless if you can’t see other users.

We are using an ActiveDirectory server for accounts and previosuly had set up all of our users in a group called ChatInternalUsers. About 40 users. When I view the Groups tab and list all the members of that group, indeed all 40 users are there and in theory should be able to see each other autmoatically whenever they log on. This is how it worked with the previous version. However, the only way to see a user appears to be if they previously exchanged invites. In other words the automatic contact sharing seems to be broken.

I’m asking here first before posting this as a bug if anyone either knows if this is a bug or if some kind of config changed between versions that I need to either enable or re-enable the auto sharing of contacts withn a group.



In full disclosure, in addition to the upgrading the server to 3.8 we patched the centos distro to the latest of everything, then ran the 3.8 RPM to upgrade. As a side note, the JRE in OpenFire directory was corrupted and we had to muck with symlinks to get the server to launch, but we got past that by using a known good JRE from the sun Sun/Oracle JDK 1.7. But I’m virtually certain there is nothing there that would cause a feature failure like this.

Go download the RPM of the 3.8.1 Alpha nightly build. That will fix the issue.

http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYRPM-970/artifact/JOB1/Pr oject-RPM-installer-files/