Openfire 3.9.x LDAP auth. problem


Our last worked version of Openfire server is 3.8.2. With newer versions we have problems with installation or upgraded, similar many users there. But I cant find solution for:

  1. Installation wizzard false after click on grey test button at every installation step. In 3.8.2. too, but I can fill LDAP form and continue without testing. Test button seems do nothing and corrupt strings filled at forms (base DN, admin DN, AD filter for users and groups), i must fill them again. In 3.9.x version additionally I cannot add admin from LDAP! (in 3.8.2 works) I try many internet browsers.

  2. In Openfire.xml I dont see any of HTML settings tags mentioned in many support forums. For example: or

this is our config file, but in 3.8.2 all works …

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>






What can I do ? In older versions, it seemed fully functional. Does not work even in clear new installation.

Server Config: Win Srv 2003 x32 EN, Java last version, running as service.

Thank you for help