Openfire 4.0.3 & Spark 2.7.7 Search Labels missing

Hi - search works fine with custom fields of FullName, Forename, Surname and Username configured in the backend. When using Spark 2.7.7 and entering a search, only the label for the last selected search criteria is visible - see attached. Is this a Spark or OpenFire issue?

Thanks, mark

I can’t understand what is wrong by viewing at this screenshot. Can you explain it again (what have you done and what you expect to get)?

Hi. I’d expect to see labels next to the radio buttons on the search form for each of the search criteria configured in the back-end. From the screenshot, only the username label is visible. View of back-end below:

So, you have modified the Search plugin? Then i think Spark is expecting one of the standard options and that’s why it can’t show your custom options.

Hi. No I haven’t modified anything - code wise. Just added an extra 3 criteria for searches. As they show up ok in the backend, I assumed the lables would be passed to Spark. The searches themselves work fine But I wanted surname searches as well as username.

Hm, i haven’t found a place where to modify Search fields via Admin Console GUI. Anyway, i think Spark is only expecting default values there. But i haven’t found exact place in the code responsible for this form.

Hi - the place you enter the extra fields is when you configure the LDAP connection - that’s step 2 - the user mapping bit. In advanced settings under user mapping, I added FullName/displayName,Forename/givenName,Surname/sn,Username/sAMAccountName in the Search Filters input box - then they appear in the Search Service Poperties page in the back end.

That explains why i haven’t seen them, as i don’t use LDAP integration I have filed this as

But as Spark lacks active developers it may take long before someone submits a patch for this.

Great - thanks! Just a thought - it might not be Spark - I used a couple of clients in a trial here - one of them was OneTeam - when you search using that, it brings up the same options as presented by OpenFire - so it too had labels missing next to search fields. So it might be the search plugin itself?


May be, or maybe both Openfire Search plugin and client’s search dialog.

I tried to add Department search field, It did not work.

Then I set the ldap.searchFields as:


I can search department now, though it shows “Username”.