Openfire 4.1.0 Final Release

Christmas has come early.

Our github repository - GitHub - igniterealtime/Openfire: A XMPP server licensed under the Open Source Apache License. - reached a thousand and one stars today, so we’ve celebrated by releasing Openfire 4.1.0, containing over 150 fixes and new features. I feel I should personally thank @Daryl Herzmann and @Guus der Kinderen in particular for the gargantuan effort they’ve both put into this release, but we’re also very lucky to have a large number of developers within the community providing us with high-quality patches via Pull Requests. This is, once again, a huge collective effort.

Changlog: Openfire Changelog


Binary (tar.gz)

Binary (zip)
Source (tar.gz)
Source (zip)
RPM Installer (32-bit JRE)

RPM Installer (64-bit JRE)

RPM Installer (No JRE)

DEB Installer

You can download it from here:

Ignite Realtime: Downloads

As a reminder, Openfire’s source code and development can be found on Github and an active developer discussion occurs within our groupchat. Please consider helping out with Openfire’s development! We can use help in about all areas of development, but especially:

  • experienced packaging developers to improve the install/upgrade experience on various platforms
  • developers interested in transitioning Openfire to Maven
  • testing of Bamboo generated builds

Thank you for your interest in Openfire!


That was fast. Will see if it wasn’t too fast

Just wondering if I should go ahead and update here or wait a week, and decided I would wait a week, I guess. It seems like this was rushed out pretty fast. I went over the changelog and I do want to upgrade soon.

Well, it runs ok on my test box, but i won’t be rushing to update in production either.

I have installed the update yesterday evening…

So i think it works smooth so far… No connection apports, services online… good job!

Updateprocess works great via “dpkg -i” on UbuntuServer 16.04 LTS over the 4.0.4 installation without fails or problems.

I have only noticed one weird thing, but need to test it more. I have updated from 4.1.0 Beta to the Final version and when running via launcher it upgrades database schema on every run (24 -> 25).

The database update problem that @wroot reports is a bug in the update scripts. It affects Openfire instances that are being updated, but will not affect new/fresh installations. This bug causes a database index creation attempt, every time that Openfire starts. It affects all supported database types, except for DB2. I’ve created this bug report to track this issue: [OF-1254] Database update scripts for 25 set version 24 - IgniteRealtime JIRA


For those of you having trouble with MySQL, here are builds with the schema bugs there fixed. It will identify itself as 4.1.1alpha, but has no other changes than this schema fix.

  • Windows EXE
  • Binary ZIP
  • Debian
  • Linux RPM 32bit JRE
  • Linux RPM noarch JRE
  • Linux RPM 64bit JRE
  • Mac DMG

Hello everyone,

The new version have a Bug on fresh installation, Yesterday i need to make downgrade the version 4.0.4 to work OK.

The bug are on the final step, when you need to choose the Admin Password Openfire ask for Current Password.

@db, the problem that you are experiencing is tracked in our bugtracker as The cause for the problem is a faulty database script, which has already been fixed. When you use the newer downloads that Daryl provided in his comment above, you will not have the problem any more.

Btw, i have just tried the 4.1.1 alpha and the latest build (called 4.2.0 alpha for some reason) and they still have that 24->25 database upgrade loop.

i’ve updated from 4.0.4 to 4.1.1a: openfire is 25 in ofVersion table. All is ok.

i just tested.

when step set password, the shell : Openfire4.1.0\resources\database\openfire_mysql.sql ,line 375 [

INSERT INTO ofUser (username, plainPassword, name, email, creationDate, modificationDate)

VALUES ('admin', 'admin', 'Administrator', '', '0', '0'); ]. did not execute. i copy the shell into sqlyog, add user admin into table, and back to page successed.

A few comments higher there are links to a version which has this issue fixed.

4.1.0 Final Release, and Spark2.8.2 can’t register.

vigiles, it works fine for me. You should post your issue in the forums (also providing errors and Spark logs from C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\logs)

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Thank you !

I useing openfire 4.0.4 now , but Spark still can’t regist. code


Map<String, String> attributes = new HashMap<String, String>();
attributes.put(“clent”, “android”);
connection.getAccountManager().createAccount( name, pswd, attributes); // if not attr will "error code=“400” type=“MODIFY”><jid-malformed "

] is ok.

I think i should wish you and all “igniterealtimers” a Merry Christmas ! Though it was later. So Happy new year ! Though it is early.

other: i can’t write back to your email

There is no such email. This would be my xmpp user on Openfire server here. Why can’t you create a discussion in the forums for your questions?

Please note that we released Openfire 4.1.1, which addresses all bugs that we’ve found in 4.1.0. I advise anyone to upgrade.