Openfire 4.1.0 Installation Troubles

Hello Openfire gurus,

I’m trying to install Openfire 4.1.0 to take advantage of the Stream Management features. I currently have a deployment of 3.11.0 running on an Amazon EC2 instance and connected to a MySQL database (also in AWS). This has been working fine for some months but now the team I’m with wants to upgrade. One wrinkle in the plan is that we have a custom authentication procedure that I have added to the source code. This is working fine in 3.11.0 and requires no special handling for 4.1.0. I just need to get the source (from Github), make the modifications, build the project, and install on my EC2.

I’ve followed the installation guide here (Openfire: Installation Guide ) and made it to the setup wizard without trouble. I connected the 4.1.0 installation to the **same **database as 3.11.0. This database has a number of users, chat history, etc etc. Ultimately I want the 4.1.0 installation to use this data, so I connected it to that database. The connection works, and then I go to the admin account setup page. So far this is all stuff I remember from installing 3.11.0.

Then, when setting up the admin account, the wizard never accepts the ‘current’ admin password. This renders me unable to set the admin password. The page even says ‘If this is a new installation, the current password will be “admin”’, a suggestion which doesn’t work. I then thought maybe the current password would be the admin password I use in the 3.11.0 deployment - it’s not that either. I can choose ‘Skip this step’ to skip setting the admin password, but then I’m unable to log in to the admin console.

How can I set the admin password? I’ve done a lot of Googling on this issue and nothing I’ve found, including rebooting the server and editing the ofUser database table, has worked. Can anyone help me, please?

– Chris

I have the same issue.

For solve this I’m edit ofUser table: find row where user is admin, set encryptedPassword=NULL, set plainPassword =

login to web-console -> users -> admin -> update password

I think this is a problem with your encryption key. You can find details in the security.xml file in your instance. The suggestions made by @Alexander are likely to be effective.

On a side note: you’re referring to Openfire 3.11.0 and 4.1.0. These are versions that are currently not released (it’s unlikely that this relates to the issue at hand, but still).

Thank you for the reply Casm. This did work in the end, but after performing your first step of editing the ofUser table, I had to set my tag to ‘false’ in openfire.xml, then go through the setup wizard again before my password was changed. However, it works now. Thanks again!

Thank you for the reply Guus. You are correct that Casm’s suggestion was helpful.

I have version 3.11.0 because I compiled from source several months ago - was the source code for 3.11 ever listed for download as “most recent” or something like that? It’s been stable for me but if I had known it wasn’t an official release I probably wouldn’t have chosen that version as my baseline.

What we typically do immediately after a release is update the version number (and add an “alpha” classifier). Based on that, we continue to work on the source. After the 3.10 release, we did the same. As time progressed and more and more changes were applied, we decided that the change set in total was big enough to warrant a new major release. That’s when we upgraded 3.11.0-alpha to 4.0.0-alpha. So yes, if you compiled from source, you can have an Openfire that identifies itself as 3.11.0-alpha. There was never a 3.11.0 release though (but there has been a 4.0.0 release, which is based on the same code).