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Openfire 4.1.4 and LDAP integration...losing my mind. Help please!

I am getting extremely frustrated trying to get Openfire to do something that should be very simple. I want to restrict users to a specific security group in LDAP. Every time I try to add what I think will be the correct AD value in System Properties, nothing works…and if I restart the service afterwards, it totally breaks the whole system and I can’t login again. Every time this happens, I have to totally start from scratch and reinstall, because I can’t create a local admin user for when the AD stuff breaks.

I have searched all over here and find conflicting info on what steps I need to take to restrict Openfire to a specific AD group. I set up the integration with no problem at all, it’s this specific piece that no longer works.

A year or so ago, I had this working just fine with ldap.searchFilter as shown here. The security group is called SparkIM.

&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(CN=*)(memberOf=CN=SparkIM,OU=Users,OU=MyBusi ness,DC=domain,DC=local))

If I add this now to that ldap.searchFilter field, it will break Openfire as I described above. Can anyone provide any tips on what I might be doing wrong?

here is how I do it.

How to Setup Authentication Groups with LDAP/AD

btw there is no need to reinstall. The property is stored in the database, so you can just manually edit it from there if you ever make a mistake.