Openfire 4.1.5 is released

The Ignite Realtime Community is proud to announce the 4.1.5 release of Openfire. This release signifies our continuing effort to produce stable 4.1 series releases while work continues on the next major release. A changelog denoting 18 resolved issues is available and you can download the release builds from our website. There was one change that we decided not to ship with this release. Work was done to produce 64bit windows installers, but complications exist when you attempt to upgrade previously installed 32bit versions. We hope to iron out those issues prior to releasing 4.1.6 or even 4.2.0, depending on which comes first If testing this functionality interests you, please stop by our chatroom and let us know!

Important to know: Openfire now automatically installs the service. On the last step of the installer you will have an option whether to start it or not (it will also open the browser pointing to Admin Console, if you chose to start it). You shouldn’t run the launcher, if the service is started. Documentation is updated accordingly. **If you already have older service running, stop it before upgrading. **

The following table denotes release artifact sha1sums and some github download statistics for the 4.1.4 release of that particular file.

OS sha1sum Filename Version 4.1.4 Downloads
Linux RPM (32bit JRE) b3d7b9672d480f767eb83161d892a40fcb9d2e8b openfire-4.1.5-1.i686.rpm 2,624
Linux RPM (No JRE) d283b5095042a986bbb75338bc22ed7d8ee2847d openfire-4.1.5-1.noarch.rpm 2,095
Linux RPM (64bit JRE) 1d0f4d40e7a56d8f097addb53258f3d30cd091f5 openfire-4.1.5-1.x86_64.rpm 7,598
Linux .deb 2c0111af8526dabe8d01ea91e0ed4672ec3652a0 openfire_4.1.5_all.deb 15,123
Mac OS f08c7d9b0be246d99b5ec1702ca7b42747767d51 openfire_4_1_5.dmg 3,577
Windows EXE 21cfa9becc8513a9622135e0fcd671e80111063a openfire_4_1_5.exe 33,178
Binary (tar.gz) ecc172b615e3b75500bd1fe353a6c41713dcdd57 openfire_4_1_5.tar.gz 5,532
Binary (zip) 4c4d4825c086052caa2fd06dfbe150ad85bba582 8,449
Source (tar.gz) 281dbc1857dbfd49010b595a8acd9d8945ff3902 openfire_src_4_1_5.tar.gz 1,149
Source (zip) 9c8f9f8d2e8d5d4f2af711df4c5526fde62c5fb4 3,898

As a reminder, our development of Openfire happens on Github and we have an active MUC development chat hosted at We are always looking for more folks to pitch in with testing, fixing bugs, and development of new features. Please consider helping out!

As always, please report any issues in the Community Forums and thanks for using Openfire!


I have added a note about an automatic service installation in this version.

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