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Openfire 4.1.6 Release

The Ignite Realtime Community is proud to announce the 4.1.6 release of Openfire. This release signifies our continuing effort to produce stable 4.1 series releases while work continues on the next major release. A changelog denoting 16 resolved issues is available and you can download the release builds from our website.

Important to know: Openfire now automatically installs the service. On the last step of the installer you will have an option whether to start it or not (it will also open the browser pointing to Admin Console, if you chose to start it). You shouldn’t run the launcher, if the service is started. Documentation is updated accordingly. If you already have older service running, stop it before upgrading. You don’t have to do this when upgrading from 4.1.5 and with later versions. It should stop the service automatically.

The following table denotes release artifact sha1sums and some github download statistics for the 4.1.5 release of that particular file.

OS sha1sum Filename Version 4.1.5 Downloads
Linux RPM (32bit JRE) f05e664e8c71c87e9d22f9e4d9ee49fc70ac2ade openfire-4.1.6-1.i686.rpm 2,473
Linux RPM (No JRE) 23936a3e9131d72febe18e52d8778f4f27e14a21 openfire-4.1.6-1.noarch.rpm 2,463
Linux RPM (64bit JRE) c52c74de7661f894395287a3119dd39d217f7726 openfire-4.1.6-1.x86_64.rpm 12,027
Linux .deb f37349708220c7c3e3fb577088b9d0b995494a9f openfire_4.1.6_all.deb 18,206
Mac OS b0315762aab005bd4d9b6cf28fe86b897f35a236 openfire_4_1_6.dmg 4,095
Windows EXE (32bit, No JRE) 228ab4fb6a95679a98995f6751d7bfb6831d48e3 openfire_4_1_6.exe 49,948
Windows EXE (32bit JRE) 09ed1261cd485414ab4bdb080324ea8f2484b784 openfire_4_1_6_bundledJRE.exe n/a
Windows EXE (64bit, No JRE) 726e3b4a70e04532540b6ffdf3702d03f17e34c1 openfire_4_1_6_x64.exe n/a
Windows EXE (64bit JRE) 00bd41e6df267fd87621bd048ed033065103bc65 openfire_4_1_6_bundledJRE_x64.exe n/a
Binary (tar.gz) 8af96d080b92a6575cd07dbbcd07a63371d577fe openfire_4_1_6.tar.gz 6,786
Binary (zip) b46e998302c9860b1150cf0b20e0525f57dcb3b2 openfire_4_1_6.zip 11,241
Source (tar.gz) 032b3bfdbaad71cb61cb5ed921b17f3a4e9694c6 openfire_src_4_1_6.tar.gz 1,399
Source (zip) 4d9fb6e997c220664a9b5cdc8a5764cf62a46c43 openfire_src_4_1_6.zip 5,731

As a reminder, our development of Openfire happens on Github and we have an active MUC development chat hosted at open_chat@conference.igniterealtime.org. We are always looking for more folks to pitch in with testing, fixing bugs, and development of new features. Please consider helping out!

As always, please report any issues in the Community Forums and thanks for using Openfire!


If someone is interested in testing x64 Windows installers with x64 java, you can still grab them here (they will disappear once more builds come out) https://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYWINDOWS1-292/artifact/shared/Project-Windows-distribution-files/ You can even install it on top of your x86 version (just need to point manually to the installation folder). Of course, do backup first! But it worked fine for me.

You can report issues with x64 installers here 64 Bit Windows Installer feedback

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FWIW, the executable does not include the JRE and prompted on my machine that none is installed.

Yeap, Windows installers on the Downloads page are without JRE, hence the small size. Until this is fixed, you can use the link in my comment above to download installers bundled with JRE.

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Wow, it would be nice if I would pay attention for once in my life. I skimmed what you wrote. But I did not stop to think about what it actually meant. Thanks.