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OpenFire 4.2.3 LDAP VCard Provider Keeps Changing

Afternoon all,

I’m currently running an OpenFire 4.2.3 server on a Windows 10 VM. It’s been working great! I’ve been having a pretty confusing issue with the LDAP VCard Provider though.

Every time I restart the server (either for Windows Updates or simply restarting the Openfire service), the provider.vcard.className keeps defaulting back to the property from the “Avatar Resizer” plugin class, which is noted in the thread here.

I’ve also reviewed the ticket associated with it OF-1145, and i noticed it was resolved in 4.2.0.

Is there something I’m missing? I normally don’t have a problem remembering to change it when I reboot the server or service, but sometimes I do and the vcards aren’t there.

Thanks for your help!

The Avatar Resizer Plugin was functioning a bit problematic, in ways you’re describing. This is why we integrated the plugin with the core of Openfire. Starting with Openfire 4.2.0, you should not need to use the AvatarResizer plugin, as the functionality is part of Openfire itself. Try removing the plugin.

You can configure the service with these properties:

  • avatar.resize.enable-on-load (boolean, default true) - Property that, when ‘true’ causes avatars that are being loaded from backend storage to be resized, prior to be processed and send to entities.
  • avatar.resize.enable-on-create (boolean, default false) - Property that, when ‘true’ causes avatars that are being stored in backend storage to be resized.
  • avatar.resize.targetdimension (integer, default 96) - Property that controls the target dimension, in pixels.
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Thanks for letting me know Guus! I’ve removed the plugin and will keep an eye on it!