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Openfire 4.4.3. How to prevent users from leaving the room?

Good time of day.
Raised by openfire c AD integration. There are permanent rooms, but when you exit the spark client by clicking on the cross, the user automatically leaves the room and does not see new messages until he enters the room again.
Question-how to implement a ban on leaving the room for the user permanently ?

I’m not sure of a way currently to prevent a user from leaving a group chat.
I do know you can control message history in the chat.
Under the Group Chat tab - Group Chat settings. Select your subdomain (conference by default)

Go to the History Settings. You can select - Show entire chat history, or a specific number of past messages.
This will affect all rooms under the “service”.

Another thought - if you have it set up correctly - If you use the “Meetings” plugin - you can disable the “leave” button - not sure if this helps. I do not have enough systems yet to test the theory.

In XMPP group chat (as specified in MUC, the newer MIX specficiation has different functionality), users are in a group chat only when they’re connected (which is akin to the IRC-style of chatting). You can use bookmarks to have users automatically rejoin a group chat when the login.