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Openfire 4.5.0 LDAP Group Admin syntax

Can somebody please provide some syntax for the admin.authorizedJIDs to be able to use an ldap group for administration? [OF-1943] - Allow LDAP group to provide Openfire admins. I have gone through a fresh setup of Openfire 4.5.0, added a single user successfully. When I try to add an LDAP group on that same screen, it will not succeed. My group is “Chat Local Admins” (pre-Windows 2000 name = Chat_LocalAdmins), that has 1 user in it. I also tried editing the admin.authorizedJIDs to add Chat_LocalAdmins@myserver.FQDN with no luck.

The key ticket is actually https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1865