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Openfire 4.5.1 will not start with ofMeet installed

After updating to 4.5.1, I was getting errors in the log files regarding the jitsi videobridge plugin. I was also not able to access the admin portal at all. When I attempted to login using the Spark client, it would login but wouldn’t show me any users and would lock up my client.

I shut down the server and removed the following plugins:

  • fastpath
  • httpfileupload *
  • inverse
  • ofmeet *
  • SIP

Some of these were throwing errors in previous logs (stars are next to those listed above).

Disabling the ofmeet plugin resolved the issue as it now is up and running. Link to log: https://pastebin.com/vZ9zExgr

I enabled the ofMeet plugin again and it exhibited the same behavior.

Works ok on my test box with default bundled Java (Windows). Have you tried to enable only Meetings and see if that loads? Maybe some other plugin don’t play along with it. Probably wouldn’t cause that, but make sure you remove old Focus Provider plugin when using latest Meetings plugin.

I can verify this problem on Ubuntu 18.04. The null-pointer with the media codex in jitsi happens when the -Djava.library.path is not correct.
For me I was trying to combine our communication-systems. We use jitsi normally on a different machine (due to the new features, i.g. screensharing without a plugin,…). For testing purpose I created a new VM with a clean Openfire installation. Works like always.
When you install the ofMeet plugin (without Focus Provider, because it’s already included) it is working with the errors (and you can use the plugin), but the admin panel is still working:

If you restart the Openfire service or the instance the integrated webserver are not working any more:

The jitsi videobridge should get an update in this plugin.