Openfire 4.6.5 Upgrade Notes

Right after the release of 4.6.5 we installed it. At the same time, instead of using the distro bundled with java, I decided to install OpenJDK so that I had a version that I would have easier access to update as needed. The instance seems to be running more smoothly than it did with bundled java. Though I cannot be totally sure about that. The Control Panel does seem to run quite a bit faster.
Our server runs on CentOS 8, so installing OpenJDK was very simple from the command line. I just stopped the Openfire instance. Ran the command to install OpenJDK and then ran the command to install the Openfire noarch RPM and started the Openfire instance again. Everything just worked as expected and we have no been up and running for 3 days under the new version. I debated jumping to the new 4.7 Beta, but opted to just go with the stable branch. Once 4.7 leaves Beta, we’ll definitely be updating to that.
I just wanted to express my pleasure with this latest update. Smooth Sailing All The Way.

These instructions work for CentOS 8, I have not tried it with any other distro.
Stop Openfire:
cd /etc/init.d
sudo ./openfire stop
Install OpenJDK for Java 8:
sudo dnf install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel
Install Openfire(No Java Bundled):
sudo rpm -Uvf Wherever_You_Downloaded_Openfire_Package/openfire_rpm_filename
Start Openfire:
sudo ./openfire start