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Openfire + AD Domains

Hello guys.

I’m really enjoying this great software called openfire. But I’m having a trouble and a doubt… =)

Here is my ‘AD struture’:





I’ve got users added in each domains above.

My doubt:

Is it possible to configure openfire to manage all of those domains? I really need this feature to implement this solution in my environment…

If openfire does not manage multiple domains nativevly, is there a way to do that?

Alipio Luiz

You guys which have a good soul =D could tell me if i can make this configuration? We reaaallly need it

I’m not the final authority but I don’t think it’s (easily) possible without something managing the multiple AD’s (like another AD or LDAP-server collecting data from all the others and then serving this data to Openfire).

I don’t think Openfire can access multiple AD’s unless you like to rewrite the code.

Thats just my 2cents…I might be totally wrong, I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to LDAP/AD

Oh wait…I didn’t read correctly…so forget it. Still it should be possible to have some domain mirroring important bits from the other domains, so Openfire has to connect only to one? Just in case it cannot access multiple domains on one server…I’ve never tried…I’m fine with one domain. Enough trouble already :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, let me try to explain…

I’ve got a server domain.local which has the IP

A server aa.domain.local which has the IP

And a server bb.domain.local which has the IP

Those domains aren’t in one server. Each server manage each domain.

I don’t know if you’ve understood… but my idea is one openfire server managing all of my users added in each servers above.

Any suggestions are welcome…

Well in this case…I think my first text was indeed the right idea (or at least one that might work)…One to rule them all! (And that one for Openfire).

Is there any way to implement a openldap server to collecting the active directory users of each domains?