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Openfire AD Setup Administrator Account LDAP Group

Good afternoon,

I have a new install of Openfire 4.5.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS using Directory Server (LDAP) via Active Directory, It connects to AD, User Mapping and Group mapping works but I can’t seem to add a “LDAP Group” to the Administrator Account setup when selecting “The value above is a LDAP group name” even though Openfire can query/find that AD Security Group and poll the number of members during the Group test. (I can complete the the setup when only using a LDAP user in that field, however.)

The AD group “CoolFire Admins” is a Global Security Group

I’ve tried the sAMAccountName but there doesn’t seem to be enough characters in the field box to take the distinguishedName.

Any advice would be appreciated.




Remove space from name, changed “CoolFire Admins” to “CoolFireAdmins”.

Well, maybe that will help someone in the future.


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